Government Must Report on Reallocation of EU funds!


94110019_130810775220155_3234814288963043328_nIn just one day, more than two thousand people have already responded to the internet vote I launched: if they could decide instead of the government, what they would spend the EU funds on that the European Union has released and dedicated to the fight against the coronavirus.
It is no secret or surprise that people have so far, almost without exception, voted for Fidesz to reallocate the funds released for protection and to replace jobs and salaries lost instead of expenditures and investments that are unnecessary in this situation, or at least could be postponed.
No matter how hard the Hungarian government and its service staff are trying to turn people against the European Union, the facts remain solid: the EU is indeed acting and freeing up serious money so that the governments of the Member States can take effective action in the grave situation. The European rescue packages (RescEU) contain at least 12 capacities and programs that Hungary can also use.
One such solution is that EU money previously provided for other purposes and programs can now be reallocated by governments and spent on fighting the epidemic, supporting the economy that crashed as a result of the epidemic or helping people in need of a life belt. There are many such multi-billion forint items, and the decision lies in the hands of Viktor Orbán.
If indeed protection and help come first, he can redirect these funds with a single stroke of pen. Such are the two billion forint budget allocated for the castle program or the multi-billion forint communication and training budgets at the ministries. Fidesz and the government are still vague about this money, Fidesz MEP Tamás Deutsch known for his snappy arguments, for example, defended what was impossible to defend by saying that reallocating these EU developments would be “gross austerity measures” that would only exacerbate the “economic and social crisis”. The question is, where?
For relatives with an interest in the castle program? For the power serving media outlets with an interest in winning communication tenders? Or were these items buried in advance in the public money cemetery in Felcsút and it would be difficult to remove them from the system now? Well, it must be a great dilemma up there: are all Hungarians important or just their own people?
I hereby call on the Government to report on the plans for all application funds committed but not yet paid and the planned reallocation funds from applications still open! Given the situation that the European Union now makes this possible, they must declare which programs they have decided to rather use for health equipment, protective gear and job protection.
Our online vote on the reallocations is still open (available at:, and many more thousands of people are expected to have their say on this matter in the coming days, with the result of which we shall confront the sneaky government!

dr. István Ujhelyi
Member of the European Parliament
April 19, 2020

Ujhelyi: For Fidesz, the coronavirus is not the enemy, the European Union is


UJHELYI IstvanFidesz MEPs did not support the united, historic resolution tabled jointly by the leading groups in the European Parliament on health care, economic and social measures against the coronavirus pandemic.
Fidesz did not support the strengthening of health protection, they did not support the helping of people who lost their jobs, the reimbursement of wages lost due to the epidemic neither, nor did they support the transformation of the functioning of the European Union in order to manage the crisis more effectively.
Fidesz’s representatives preferred to stand up for Viktor Orbán’s frustrated power mania than supporting the security of the lives of the people of Europe and thus of Hungary. Fidesz has made it clear that it is not the coronavirus that they perceive as the real enemy, but the European Union.
Fidesz had previously called it “tasteless” that measures to protect people’s lives included issues of the rule of law. This pathetic argument is especially tasteless coming from Fidesz, who recently mixed Viktor Orbán’s absolute power takeover efforts into measures for the protection of the lives of Hungarians, supported by the entire opposition.
Fidesz regularly talks about double standard, although they are happy to apply it themselves. The moment of truth was there, but pro-government MPs did not live up to it: they failed.

Brussels – 17/04/2020

God May Forgive, But I Cannot


jegyzetcover33“Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing”; Luke 23:34.

This Easter really is different from the previous ones, the Prime Minister was, in fact, right. And not only because our generation, accustomed to peace, is facing unprecedented circumstances as result of the coronavirus epidemic, but also because it has once again been proven that the powers that be cannot live up to their responsibility even in this pressing situation. We could say, of course, that it as us being stupid, as the System of National Cooperation pressed into a tricolor was an ugly lie as soon as it was born, yet one – perhaps just driven by Christian forgiveness – believed again and again that it would be different over time: the pendulum shall mellow down and swing back from the madness. Well, it hasn’t, and the government remains true to itself being incapable of acting any differently. In other circumstances, I would simply call them scum of the Earth, but for the sake of honouring the holiday, let me just use the adjective ‘hypocritical’ to describe them.
The government in power took the threat of the virus lightly at first, saying that migration organized according to the score of the Soros World Conspiracy was a much bigger problem than any impending pandemic. Finally, recognizing the problem and the responsibility, they took a series of belated steps. I myself have supported and continue to support all government steps that will help the protection succeed; this is a clear duty. Unfortunately, however, the big picture is shadier.
In the free minutes of social and public media, advertisements about the nation clinging together and the adjournment of political debates are being poured on us from government money. Nice, refined  messages that people wish were true. It is infinitely sad that behind them lies the shadow of rotting intent. As soon as the government saw the opportunity, one of its helping hands grabbed a dagger and it still cuts, stabs and sabres with it wherever it can; mostly, of course, below the belt. The way in which they marched against the European Union and the way in which they are raising a screen of lies between Brussels and Budapest is not only pathetic, but also extremely dangerous. Although they might win a political battle with it back at home for a few minutes, they harm the entire nation in the long run. And the way the government sent all the infantries of the machinery (i.e. from the chief medical officer forced into a clamp, to a MEP to has seen better days through media workers bought for small change) against Budapest Mayor Gergely Karácsony and the opposition mayors is both extremely pitiful and infinitely saddening.
Because we are now facing a threat that really demands unity and not an intensification of the ideological civil war that is tearing families apart. But no, the government is using this situation too to weaken its rivals by propagandist repetition of conscious lies. Of course, thirteen years ago already, Viktor Orbán has said in a speech to foreign diplomats that he had learned: “When there is a chance to kill your rival, you do not think, you execute.”
As a father of six, I am infinitely sad and upset that once decent people give their names to the disgusting, despicable acts of the government, and that decent citizens, without any reflection, believe everything that flows from the publicity dominated by the ruling power. The coronavirus epidemic is a real threat, not some cheap political product! People’s health and securing their livelihood is a priority to be protected, not a tool for political games! The European Union is a valuable and helpful community to us all, not an enemy! The governing power now operates by means for which there is no excuse. If there is a God, he may forgive them, but as a Hungarian, a father, and a relentless European, I cannot.

dr. István Ujhelyi
Member of the European Parliament
April 12, 2020