Government Still Only Cynical Regarding Minimum Healthcare Wage


retvarijegyzetThe arrogant cynicism of the Fidesz state power is truly outrageous. Since they keep preaching family and Christian values, one would think that there are issues where they can be expected, even if minimally, to have sober judgment and take responsible action. But no. There is really only cynicism, superiority arrogance, and blatant disregard for facts under the orange rule.
Fidesz does not even conceal the fact that healthcare is a tertiary area for them, in which, even according to the medical chamber, safe patient care can be guaranteed. That is why our proposal is important and much needed, namely that a minimum healthcare wage be established in the sector that guarantees decent wages for doctors and nurses, and which at the same time can provide a solution for managing emigration, thus guaranteeing the operational security of the healthcare system.
These past days, I addressed a written question to Minister of Human Resources Miklós Kásler pointing out that if the government intended to introduce a “guaranteed sectoral minimum wage” in tourism due to the “constantly critical labour shortages”, it would be a simple government decision to do the same in healthcare. My letter was responded to by the ministry’s Secretary of State Bence Rétvári, but he did not respond at all to the suggestion of a minimum healthcare wage, instead, he wrote of their contempt of previous governments and some lies of deception.
It is pathetically ridiculous in itself that after almost ten years of governance (again: ten years!), all they are capable of doing is pointing back like kindergarten children, but it is beyond belief that they try to hide the facts clear to everyone with Habony’s wording tricks. Secretary of State Rétvári argues that, thanks to Fidesz, “the average gross earnings (including moving wages and benefits) of a nurse with vocational training in the E2 salary range, with 4-6 years of legal status” is now over three hundred thousand forints, but he hides the fact that wages for starting skilled workers are barely double the subsistence minimum, but less than half of the national average gross earnings.
Isn’t this is an attractive career model! No wonder there have been times recently when three doctors and at least two skilled workers left the country every day. A sector-wide minimum wage, a fair minimum salary for doctors, nurses and skilled workers would provide a quick solution to the healthcare crisis, while systemic issues would require Member States to define, support and demand the establishment of a European minimum health service.
I consider the latter one of my priority tasks as a MEP, which is why I have taken up my duties in the relevant committee of the European Parliament. So while the government is still cynical regarding the matter, we are working on a solution. Because for us the Hungarian people come first.

dr. István Ujhelyi
Member of the European Parliament
29 September, 2019

Launching Online Dialogue: What would you spend EU funds on?


forrasokcoverAccording to a previous decision by the UN General Assembly, 15 September is the International Day of Democracy, which has been celebrated worldwide for eleven years now.
This is an important date, which, of course, the Fidesz-government not only does not celebrate,
but obviously, with its actions and crimes, spectacularly disregards everything about a democratic
state, a democratic republic.
It is symbolic that this very day we are launching an online dialogue, a consultation which awaits
voters; suggestions and opinions on the free use of EU funds. One of the most important elements of true democracy is that free municipalities decide freely about the affairs of their own community and the development of their own environment. At present, the Government of Orange Rule distributes much of the available EU funds on the basis of an established system of loyal overlords and the greed of relatives.
Therefore, it is our priority to provide as much funding as possible in the next seven-year EU budget, which can be directly applied for by free local governments without government constraints. There is great potential for this, especially after our discussions with the current and future Vice-President of the European Commission Frans Timmermans made it clear that the rules will be changed to allow more EU funding to be applied for directly than at present.
So today, I launched an online questionnaire where anyone can suggest, or take an initiatives as
to what direct EU funding should be spent on and how in their neighbourhood or settlement.
“What would you spend it on?” – We await Hungarian voters’ suggestions to this on the site, so that we can lobby for direct EU funding in the next period on the basis of the wish map that develops. As a Member of the European Parliament, I made a commitment to the opposition mayors and candidates building free cities that I would be an active and successful lobbyist for them in the European institutions. This is the first step of breaking down Orbán’s so-called National Cooperation System, which we are ready to take today, on the International Day of Democracy.

dr. István Ujhelyi
Member of the European Parliament

We Demand Direct Funding! – Opposition Mayors’ Delegation to Go to Brussels


onkjegyI shall be hosting half a dozen opposition mayors and mayoral candidates in Brussels over the next few days to coordinate cooperation and European responsibilities of the coming years and the creation of direct EU funding for local governments.
I have invited the prospective leaders of Székesfehérvár, Szombathely, Salgótarján, Szolnok, Hajdúdorog and Budapest City Centre to the capital of the E.U. Th delegations representing all of the all-opposition mayoral candidates will negotiate with several European Commissioners, including current and future first vice-president, Frans Timmersmans. There is a lot to discuss as the Fidesz government has switched blackmail to the highest gear in the municipal campaign: they realized that due to opposition cooperation, they will lose many important bastions in the fall, so they are now openly threatening with non-Fidesz-led or non Fidesz-majority settlements not being able to count on EU funds in the future. This is not the first time that Fidesz tries to pull off this nasty and illegal trick: at the time of the previous municipal elections, I had to report the issue to the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) for preventive purposes. The concerned responsible EU body then made it clear that “the situation outlined may give rise to doubts as to whether the distribution of EU funds is in full compliance with the relevant European rules in force and with full respect for the principle of transparency.” We will continue to monitor with a magnifying glass whether the illiberal government wishes to represent the interests of its own oligarchs or the residents of settlements when it comes to the use of EU funds.
In order to put an end to Orbán’s mafia network, more cities and towns must be liberated from the ‘orange oppression.’ This is what will happen in the capital, the county seats, and in many Hungarian settlements and villages. The powers that be grind their teeth because they know that opposition cooperation and the joint support of the strongest candidates are a real weapon against them. That is why they are turning up fake-propaganda to the max and blackmail people by all available means. But all is in vain: withholding EU money is not only illegal, but can also be easily circumvented by making European funds for local governments directly accessible. In the next seven-year EU budget, it must be guaranteed that municipalities can apply for resources for developments that are important to them, such as social housing program or local healthcare, without being exposed to the government of the given Member State. With the mayor candidates I shall host, we undertake to make this happen in the interest of the development of every town liberated from orange oppression that will be led by opposition coalition politicians as of the fall.

dr. István Ujhelyi
Member of the European Parliament
1 September, 2019

Ujhelyi: State leaders representing political idiocy must be put under pressure!


bolsonThere is a growing expectation from the European Union to take meaningful action against irresponsible state licensors of insane Brazilian deforestation. The French President and the German Chancellor have already made it clear that, if necessary, the EU-South American trade agreement would be blocked if the Brazilian leadership, instead of protecting the rain forests that are the lungs of our planet, continued to support the eradication of the Amazonian jungles.
As a Member of the European Parliament, two days ago, I called on my fellow MEPs for similar resistance in a statement when I made it clear that the above mentioned FTA will soon be before the EP, but no MEP can wholeheartedly support it until Brazil gives real guarantees to put an end to the outrageous and inhumane deforestation. Enough of tender measures, state leaders representing political idiocy must be put under pressure! Let’s face it: by now, barely seven percent of our planet is covered by rainforests, which absorb one third of the greenhouse gases we emit. Even though right-wing Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro obliged his government to reduce illegal logging to zero under the Paris Climate Convention, instead he openly supports deforestation (dozens of football field-sized areas are wasted daily, just so that only Orbán gets it, too) stating that climate change is a hoax, and Brazil’s economic growth cannot be hindered by some sort of environmental awareness issue.
The same right-wing politician also said that one solution to environmental sustainability would be for people to go to the toilet only every two days. Seriously. He was not kidding. And these illiberal political idiots do not even realize they are destroying everything. And for the sake of historical facts, one more thing: there were only a dozen countries represented at the inauguration of the Brazilian head of state, Jair Bolsonaro, who has made homophobic statements, talked about “purging” among his political opponents, hassles NGOs and legitimizes police violence. One of the few was the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán with whom he patted each other’s illiberal shoulders as dear friends, emphasizing how much, how very much, they agreed on migration.  It was also an “important point of identical values,” as they later stated, that Brazil also withdrew from the UN migration package.
In the spring, government news reported that Brazilian President Bolsonaro would return the gesture and visit his great friend Viktor Orbán in person this year. If this is indeed the case, in the interest of our Planet Earth, we expect the Hungarian Prime Minister to condemn deforestation in the strongest possible terms and urge his Brazilian friend to comply with the climate agreement and make it clear that Hungary will not support a free trade agreement until there are real guarantees from the Brazilian side for the restoration of environmental consciousness. If all they can do again is business, mindless migration-bashing and manly shoulder rubbing, he better not come at all.
dr. István Ujhelyi
Member of the European Parliament
25 August, 2019

After Tourism, There May be Sectoral Minimum Wage in Healthcare too!


644_ujhelyi02There is no guarantee of safe patient care in Hungary. This is a serious statement made directly by the President of the Hungarian Medical Chamber.
Due to the emigration of doctors and the policy of the Hungarian government treating health as a tertiary area, the situation of healthcare has become untenable in Hungary. In fact, let’s just say that today it represents an actual risk to national security. A few days ago, I addressed a written question to the European Commissioner responsible for the area, drawing attention to the serious situation of Hungarian healthcare and strongly advocated the introduction of a European minimum health service guaranteeing patient safety and the support of the introduction of a minimum wage, also part of our European program.
The answer of the EU Commissioner for Health, Vytenis Andriukaitis, is clear and unambiguous. The member of the European Commission declared that “the right to quality, timely and affordable healthcare is a fundamental principle of the European pillar of social rights.” He added that the latest EC report on Hungary clearly indicates that Hungary’s “healthcare ratings are worse than in most other EU Member States, reflecting partly unhealthy lifestyles and partly the limited efficiency of healthcare.” He also noted that there are significant socio-economic disparities in access to quality care, which is due to the system that healthcare costs are largely borne by users. Andriukaitis pointed out that the Hungarian government had received a number of proposals recommending support of preventive health measures and the strengthening of primary care.
In response to my question, the EU Commissioner also pointed out that the future President of the EC, Ursula von der Leyen, supported the principle of a national minimum wage and “fully acknowledged” that setting a minimum wage, including for healthcare professionals, “is the responsibility of Member States and social partners.” In other words, the introduction of the minimum health wage in Hungary depends primarily on the decision and common sense of the Orbán-government. The latter is particularly important because in the tourism sector the Hungarian government is ready to introduce a “guaranteed sector wage minimum”, precisely because of the “permanently critical labour force situation.” It is, of course, up for debate that in a market sector such as tourism, to what degree a fixed state minimum wage would stifle small businesses and thereby serve the interests of oligarchic investor circles, or why it would be more appropriate to reduce the burden of labour taxes in the sector, but undoubtedly something has and had to be done about that the problem of severe labour shortages.
However, while the fate of the tourism sector is so important for the head of government and his relatives, it would be appropriate for the health situation, which also suffers from a shortage of professionals, to be equally important to them. The introduction of the minimum wage in the health sector proposed in our European program – which would guarantee a minimum wage of HUF 1.5 million for doctors, and 750,000 a month for trainee medical staff and nurses – would ensure that the current life-threatening healthcare conditions would improve in the short term.
I therefore call on the Minister for Human Resources Miklós Kásler and the head of the finance ministry Mihály Varga to propose a minimum wage in the health sector, similar to the sectoral minimum wage to be introduced in tourism! They keep saying that Hungary comes first to them. It’s time to prove it.

dr. István Ujhelyi
Member of the European Parliament
18 August, 2019

Microsoft-gate: Orbán’s Corruption Not to Remain without Consequences!


15564Dozens of corruption cases, abuses, and outright illegitimacy could be listed from recent times that, under democratic rule of law, would result in chasing away the government mafia in power and the imprisonment of the thieves of public funds.
But ours is no longer a democratic state and even less so a place under the rule of law, and prosecution has long been a parody of itself. There are countless cases of corruption that, for now, they believe they have successfully covered up, straightened out from public money and swept under the carpet. However, the Microsoft scandal that reaches Fidesz’ top circles is much more than that. They are trying to distract people from it throwing rubber bones, but this time around, it is really very awkward. It is a perfect example of the National Cooperation System’s operation carried out by spineless thieves and a clear demonstration of why Hungary’s resources will be reduced, or at least subject to strict conditions, in the EU.
The rule of law, or even the condition of joining the European Public Prosecutor’s Office, is not a “pro-immigration-Sorosist” conspiracy, but rather a statement: they shall not allow “hey there, Sir” type bumpkins to steal EU money contributed to public funds. Microsoft-gate in a normal rule of law would already bring about the fall of the government and the imprisonment of major players, but in our illiberal state, the orange prosecution is still trying its best to delay things. But it cannot do this for long. The case is crystal clear, moreover, the US authorities have already conducted the necessary investigations and the procedure is underway at European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF), too, no matter what Péter Polt’s puppet theatre does. It has come to light that between 2013 and 2015, in many cases, in consultation with Hungarian government officials, Microsoft sold licenses and service contracts at an unreasonable discount to brokerage firms, which then sold them to government agencies at market rates; obviously with billions in profits.
According to the published data, even the police and the tax authorities were involved in public procurement financed from EU funds, the latter being led by Ildikó Vida, known from the US ban scandal. And – what a surprise! – the IT procurements of the National Tax and Customs Authority were led by Péter Tiborcz, who is not quite accidentally is the brother of the non-business man-head of government’s businessman-son-in-law. The US investigation also revealed an exchange of specific messages, in one of which an employee of Microsoft’s Hungarian subsidiary assures the headquarters of the US firm that they have obtained all government approvals for the deal, including that of the prime minister. The only other minor detail is that the brokerage firm supplying the National Police Headquarters later merged with the share company, which, what a surprise, is now owned by Lőrinc Mészáros.
And if that wasn’t enough, let’s add that after the American investigation found corruption, many executives from the Hungarian parent company were suddenly removed. Some, however, fell on soft ground: for example, Microsoft’s former head of government businesses was a ministerial commissioner at the Prime Minister’s Office for a long time, while the head of the Hungarian subsidiary fired during the scandal first became vice president for business development at the National Investment Agency and now he is member of the board at Est Média handling large scale digital investments. Ah well, the world is small, hard to find professionals these days. And finally, another little delicacy: in 2012, one of Microsoft’s US executives, Kevin Turner, was personally received by Viktor Orbán, and as a result of the meeting, the then loud anti-multinational Fidesz government was quick and eager to obediently sign a strategic agreement with the company.
All the pieces of the puzzle are in place: corruption is roaring, investigations are factual, only the specific perpetrators and fair accountability are missing. Nobody should believe that just because everything in Illiberal Disneyland can be hushed up, it will have no medium to long-term consequences. We will all be victims if they curb the support we are entitled to. We will now be discussing and shaping the next seven-year EU budget, and the extent and availability of resources will largely depend on the image we show of ourselves. Viktor Orbán and Fidesz shows this image. The portrait hall of a petty mafia that is too lazy to even try to cover up its rotten nature.

dr. István Ujhelyi
Member of the European Parliament
11 August, 2019

Climate Catastrophe? What’s it cost?


15540Former Deputy Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office and former Director-General of the ‘Institute for Migration Research’ Balázs Orbán writes that “Conservatives must take green politics back from the left.” What a perfect sentence! A clear example of the way Fidesz and its service staff think.
About anything, really, but this time, about climate sustainability and environment protection. “They have to take it back.” They have to take it away and own it. Everything is measured against this, they qualify everything along these lines: “mine” or someone else’s. End of.
As if environmental consciousness and concern for the fate of our planet were possible to monopolise and possess. For heaven’s sake, Deputy Minister, avoiding climate catastrophe and creating sustainability is our common human issue, not political capital that can be measured in kilograms. It is a matter of fair and responsible cooperation and action; but I see that among other things you lot are lacking in integrity and responsibility alike.
Let us take a look at the bare facts, shall we? At the June EU summit, the Orbán-government was the only one to veto the EU’s 2050 deal on climate neutrality. Fidesz argued that they would only support environmental goals if they knew in advance how much EU funding would be allocated for the modernisation of the industry. Money yet again. This really is all that matters to them. They’ll protect the environment, just let us pay them a lot first! You know, dear Fidesz people, the climate crisis cannot be stopped by fences or national consultation.
The raging storms and droughts of the future cannot be starved in the transit zone and then deported to other countries. Nor can the suffocating degrees Celsius be distributed among the Member States by quota. This is not a game, damn it! July this year was officially the hottest month ever on Earth! And you really are wondering how to “take green politics back” from left-wing political forces? You don’t have to take it back, you have to represent it! Of course, it will be really difficult if in the interim Fidesz MEPs will vote against everything in the European Parliament, which would improve environmental sustainability. Just as most recently, when we decided on a resolution to protect clean air, and Fidesz MEPs declined to stop air pollution coming from transport, agriculture and the energy sector. Which, incidentally, causes the death of at least ten thousand people every year in Hungary, indirectly. But for them, the interests of German multinationals were more important. Money, again.
And one more small but important thing for the attention of government supporters. The Orbán-government’s attitude towards our environmental public affairs is perfectly illustrated by the fact that green policy is not managed at ministerial level but only at state secretarial level. Moreover, while environmental protection is part of the agriculture portfolio, climate protection is the responsibility of one of the state secretaries of the Ministry of Innovation. By contrast, there is no other government in the Member States of the European Union, with the only exception of brexiting UK, without a separate ministry to coordinate environmental sustainability. What is more, there are two countries where, due to its complexity, several ministries share the responsibility of dealing with this issue.
Knowing the way the National Cooperation System of Orbán has worked so far, I am aware and understand that for Fidesz everything revolves around money. All that matter to them are things that make or can be turned into money. I became a member of the European Parliament’s Committee on the Environment because, also as a father of several children, I understand that preventing a climate catastrophe is indeed the most important task of our time. It is not a matter of satisfying the hunger for politically possessing this issue.

dr. István Ujhelyi
Member of the European Parliament
4 August, 2019

IPro-European Hungarian Opposition Roundtable Protects Direct Interests of Hungarian People in EU


enap4The Hungarian Opposition Roundtable was formed with the co-operation of all the eight Hungarian opposition MEPs, said István Ujhelyi, the main initiator of the alliance in the program Straightforward Talk on channel ATV on Wednesday evening.

The purpose and activity of the Roundtable is to represent the real and everyday problems of Hungarian people in the European Parliament; to fight for them in a credible and pro-European way. “I convinced my colleagues, the eight opposition MEPs, who are from 4 parties and sit in 3 different groups in the European Parliament. This means that if we have common issues that are important to us, in which we believe we can counterbalance the anti-European policy of Orbán, we should consult each other. There was no such thing in the previous cycle,” Ujhelyi said. The Roundtable shall coordinate efforts and positions on important issues on a weekly basis, he said. Concerning cooperation with the European Commission and its new leader, Ursula von der Leyen, he recalled that she had made several promises to the various parliamentary groups: “Ursula von der Leyen visited various groups on Monday in Strasbourg. She promised everything left and right, whatever each group wanted to hear. For our Socialist Group, she threw in her social sensitivity, the cocept of a social Europe, the European minimum wage program that is the program Timmermans and the European Socialists.”
Asked about the continuation, the MEP responded: “I say (…) that the President of the Commission will come back to the European Parliament in September-October with her Commission list, names, division of tasks and a program. If I will appreciate this and agree, I might yes to the Commission this time around.” However, István Ujhelyi indicated that he would only vote for the Commission if von der Leyen was to take into account the demands of the eight opposition MEPs formed as a result of the meetings on issues of importance to Hungary. One example for such an issue is providing direct resources to local governments, he said. “The mayor of Kispest, the mayor of Hajdúdorog, the mayor of Tiszaújváros, the mayors of Salgótarján, Szeged and the candidate for Budapest mayor Gergely Karácsony turned to me with this issue and we agreed that this must be achieved,” added Ujhelyi.
The Alliance is much wider than just the opposition MEPs joining forces, said Ujhelyi. “We sit in three different parliamentary groups, which means we have ‘tentacles’ towards partners that can help” – he explained. In this regard, the MEP also gave an example of the sewage sludge case: “Today I held a press conference together with Lajos Korózs (…) in this issue, for example, I am now seeking allies, not only among the 8 Hungarian opposition MEPs but in my committee, the Committee on Environment and Health. As a matter of fact, it has a liberal president. (…) We are convinced that this story is in conflict with European Union rules because there are very strict regulations on how much can be transported between countries and how,” he explained the basis for the European representation of the case.
“In Pápa and Székesfehérvár, we seem to have succeeded in stopping further deliveries. (…) This is definitely government business, and there is something very wrong with this. That is why I call for an investigation by the European Commission because I think it will turn out to be a breach of European law,” he said. On the EU representation of the case, he said: “A Socialist parliamentary committee chairman, Lajos Korózs is investigating the whole thing from opposition (…); he investigates the matter by correspondence and requesting information from the Croatian and Slovenian authorities. The opposition candidates for mayor of Pápa and Székesfehérvár stand up in the case and run an information campaign locally because the public does not know what is going on and then, as a Member of the European Parliament, I take it to a European level,” the socialist politician illustrated.
“We will take this further, just like the issue of employee rights at the Suzuki factory, and other similar, matters that are very important maybe only to 1000 people, but possibly to hundreds of thousands,” MSZP MEP István Ujhelyi emphasized the achievements of representing Hungarian people in the European Parliament.


MSZP Refers Matter of Wastewater Sludge to European Commission


Mszp-Ujhelyi-István-Korózs-Lajos-800x424Socialist MEP István Ujhelyi turned to the European Commission regarding the Croatian and Slovenian sewage sludge transported to Hungary. At a press conference on Wednesday, the politician said that as a member of the European Parliament’s Environment Committee, he addressed the Environment and Health Commissioners on Tuesday, asking whether the European Commission (EC) had information on the matter, whether they knew about the transport of hazardous substances between Member States which had been going on for years, was all this in line with EU law and whether the European Union had provided the source for these transactions?
The issue is not a domestic affair as it is about trade between Member States that is in serious breach of European law, István Ujhelyi said explaining the reasons for his initiative. He considered the government’s response to stop future shipments to be unsatisfactory, while current contracts still allow sewage sludge to arrive in Hungary. István Ujhelyi said that the Minister in charge of the Prime Minister’s Office Gergely Gulyás, should answer the matter. He noted that the government would be able, if it so wished,  to close, open, suspend or terminate serious “businesses” within two hours, circumventing all legal frameworks, but now they have made a delaying decision.
MSZP delegated chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Public Welfare Lajos Korózs said that his requests for information on the case revealed that Hungarian permits for the importation of sewage sludge were issued by the Pest County Government Office that is also responsible for the environment and it was signed by its head Richárd Tarnai.
Responding to a question, he added: Gergely Gulyás is lying if he claims that no permit has been issued for the transport of sludge in Hungary. Lajos Korózs also reported that according to the Croatian Ministry of Environment and Energy, more than 90 thousand tons of Croatian sewage sludge has landed in Hungarian landfills in the last two years: 52 thousand tons in 2018 and 39 thousand tons in 2017. Moreover, he continued, information provided by the Slovenian environmental authorities also revealed that 30,000 tons of Slovenian sewage sludge arrived in Hungary last year. He noted that, according to Eurostat, this 30,000 tons equals annual Slovenian emissions, meaning that every kilogram of Slovenian sewage sludge landed in Hungary last year. Probably “this damn big deal for somebody”, “somebody makes billions here,” the MP assessed. At the press conference, Pápa’s opposition candidate for mayor Attila Grőber said that if the sewage sludge delivery to the town of Pápa was not stopped immediately, they would begin collecting signatures to emphasize their request.


Orbán No Crusader, Just Petty Thief!


 So it is true that if a bird walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it really is a duck.
A politician may very well talk about goals that serve the community and the Christian creed that helps and protects the individual; if he spends public money on increasing the wealth of his family and friends without the twitch of a single spinal nerve, he is most certainly not a crusader but a petty thief.
The nation saving vision drawn up in Viktor Orbán’s speech in Tusványos Free University in Romania on Saturday basically stank from this again. It is immensely hypocritical to talk about Christian understanding and a common nation, while in recent years everyone had the chance to witness how those in power regard their fellow human beings, disagreeing Hungarians, or very simply, how they treat public assets, which  – what  a beautiful new linguistic innovation from Fidesz! – ‘may lose its character of public money at any time.’
Viktor Orbán’s vision is no more than glamorous illusion. While some of his statements contain traces of unquestionably forward-thinking items that would be up for normal debate in a country of normal spirits, the credibility of the whole structure quickly collapses under the weight of the simple truth that it serves only to conceal the building of a petty kingdom and incalculable theft. How much more noble it would be to argue (and really argue) with someone who really believes in what he covers by the term “Christian freedom.” However, Orbán only uses everything and everyone as tools to rule mines, manors, hotels, power plants, stadiums, football academies, harbours, yachts, private jets and off-shore estates.
The illiberal vision of the President of Fidesz is in itself is nonsense, but at least it could be legitimate if behind the curtain it weren’t for the industrial size looting of the country. Did no one notice that he had once again left his fans in standby mode again for the fight? That all he can ever promise is that the finish line will come after the next turn? That there is always one last big job – this time around against the liberal world conspiracy – that will really bring Paradise to the people?
The provoked country has been at war with its all-time designated enemy for years and does not realize that the boys calmly take everything home behind the promise of a final big victory that is coming soon. Everything they could move they already stole, and now they are reaching for what others have screwed loose before (see: money of the Hungarian Acadamy of Sciences). Do not be fooled by the glazed holy talk; a duck is the duck, and a thief is a thief.

dr. István Ujhelyi
Member of the European Parliament
28 July, 2019.