Ujhelyi: For Fidesz, the coronavirus is not the enemy, the European Union is


UJHELYI IstvanFidesz MEPs did not support the united, historic resolution tabled jointly by the leading groups in the European Parliament on health care, economic and social measures against the coronavirus pandemic.
Fidesz did not support the strengthening of health protection, they did not support the helping of people who lost their jobs, the reimbursement of wages lost due to the epidemic neither, nor did they support the transformation of the functioning of the European Union in order to manage the crisis more effectively.
Fidesz’s representatives preferred to stand up for Viktor Orbán’s frustrated power mania than supporting the security of the lives of the people of Europe and thus of Hungary. Fidesz has made it clear that it is not the coronavirus that they perceive as the real enemy, but the European Union.
Fidesz had previously called it “tasteless” that measures to protect people’s lives included issues of the rule of law. This pathetic argument is especially tasteless coming from Fidesz, who recently mixed Viktor Orbán’s absolute power takeover efforts into measures for the protection of the lives of Hungarians, supported by the entire opposition.
Fidesz regularly talks about double standard, although they are happy to apply it themselves. The moment of truth was there, but pro-government MPs did not live up to it: they failed.

Brussels – 17/04/2020