Orbán No Crusader, Just Petty Thief!


 So it is true that if a bird walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it really is a duck.
A politician may very well talk about goals that serve the community and the Christian creed that helps and protects the individual; if he spends public money on increasing the wealth of his family and friends without the twitch of a single spinal nerve, he is most certainly not a crusader but a petty thief.
The nation saving vision drawn up in Viktor Orbán’s speech in Tusványos Free University in Romania on Saturday basically stank from this again. It is immensely hypocritical to talk about Christian understanding and a common nation, while in recent years everyone had the chance to witness how those in power regard their fellow human beings, disagreeing Hungarians, or very simply, how they treat public assets, which  – what  a beautiful new linguistic innovation from Fidesz! – ‘may lose its character of public money at any time.’
Viktor Orbán’s vision is no more than glamorous illusion. While some of his statements contain traces of unquestionably forward-thinking items that would be up for normal debate in a country of normal spirits, the credibility of the whole structure quickly collapses under the weight of the simple truth that it serves only to conceal the building of a petty kingdom and incalculable theft. How much more noble it would be to argue (and really argue) with someone who really believes in what he covers by the term “Christian freedom.” However, Orbán only uses everything and everyone as tools to rule mines, manors, hotels, power plants, stadiums, football academies, harbours, yachts, private jets and off-shore estates.
The illiberal vision of the President of Fidesz is in itself is nonsense, but at least it could be legitimate if behind the curtain it weren’t for the industrial size looting of the country. Did no one notice that he had once again left his fans in standby mode again for the fight? That all he can ever promise is that the finish line will come after the next turn? That there is always one last big job – this time around against the liberal world conspiracy – that will really bring Paradise to the people?
The provoked country has been at war with its all-time designated enemy for years and does not realize that the boys calmly take everything home behind the promise of a final big victory that is coming soon. Everything they could move they already stole, and now they are reaching for what others have screwed loose before (see: money of the Hungarian Acadamy of Sciences). Do not be fooled by the glazed holy talk; a duck is the duck, and a thief is a thief.

dr. István Ujhelyi
Member of the European Parliament
28 July, 2019.