Somebody take the orange glasses off of Ursula von der Leyen!


117080President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, gave a peculiar and telling interview to The Guardian. While in her speech in Parliament she portrayed herself as the fierce defender of the rule of law, thus wooing MEPs still unsure about her election, somehow it seems as if she had taken a step back since from this position. Leyen has now spoken much more forgivingly about the governments of Member States where they trample on the rule of law (she believes we should be “more understanding”), moreover, as if she had read it out loud straight from the orange propaganda publications, she linked the refugee crisis and its handling to rule of law criticism. As if the refugee crisis had anything to do with the way the Hungarian or indeed the Polish government dismantles the democratic institutional system and builds a hybrid regime in its own country.
What we have here is not a refugee-debate with the Orbán-regime! Either Ursula von der Leyen is not aware of the processes going on in this corner of the Union, or has walked into the trap of Orbán’s brainwash system and is letting herself be misled by the slogans of the fake news factories. It would be good if someone took the orange glasses off of Ursula von der Leyen, because we have no refugee dispute with the National Cooperation System (NCS)! The Orbán-regime is incompatible with the European Union because it is an autocratic mafia state, which steals people’s money, pushes them into social slavery and deprives them of their equal rights!
It is not because of the debate around the refugee quota that many hundreds of thousands of young people have left Hungary. It is not for the sentiments around the refugee crisis that there is no decent medical care in Hungarian hospitals, and it is definitely not because of the disputed distribution of refugees that every euro cent of EU funding must wander into the pockets of Lőrinc Mészáros or the relatives and friends of the Orbán-family! Whoever had doubts about why the election Ursula von der Leyen – forced upon us as the result of anti-democratic, shady deals between heads of state and government in back rooms – should not have been supported, has now been given new reasons. Following the hacking of the top-candidate system and the evil tripping former candidates, a person asked and received confidence whose program and ideas we had no prior knowledge about. After an undoubtedly good and firm parliamentary speech, the details and the real attitude only become clear now. For example, after the vision of the “United States of Europe,” which she had previously described as a dream that could be realized, she is now opposed to federalism. I was not in favour of Ursula von der Leyen’s appointment because of the way the candidate was selected. Her statement now just confirmed that I made the right decision.
In a few weeks’ time, in September, von der Leyen will stand before the European Parliament again to present the prospective members and the more detailed program of the Commission she is to lead. If this is the way she will go, that nine-person majority that had her back last time might prove to be too small…