Ujhelyi: my opinion remains unchanged


sneeFollowing the allegation made by Tamás Sneider, deputy-speaker of the Hungarian Parliament (Jobbik), the European Parliament voted today the request to waive my immunity in Strasbourg.
The Parliamentary Committee responsible for that report, concluded, without formulating any opinion in respect of the content, that the European Parliament is not competent in this case, as the statements in question disputed by Sneider were at a time when I was not a Member of the European Parliament, but a Member of the National Parliament. Therefore I enjoyed immunity applicable to members of the Hungarian national parliament. I dispute this argument, however my opinion questioned by the Member of Jobbik remains unchanged.
At least, I find it rather strange that a racist-motivated public figure, being suspended for violent crime, would like to revenge using legal instrument. I still maintain my opinion that a member of an extremist party, related to a skinhead organization in the past, could not become a public figure.
Quite revealing is the fact that in the system of the Fidesz’s “national cooperation”, this is still the case.

Strasbourg, 13/09/2016