Ujhelyi: with unwavering solidarity, MSZP can do groundwork for defeating Orbán-government


43108257_2277083245639182_2144371579121827840_nThe antidote to Fidesz’ manipulations is co-operation and maximizing solidarity, which has led to success in the local government elections. This is the focus of MSZP’s entire representative strategy by which the government shall be defeated, said MSZP MEP István Ujhelyi in the program “Straightforward Talk” on channel ATV Tuesday evening.
Next Wednesday, the European Parliament will vote on the European Commission, including the accepted Fidesz candidate, but the EU keeps watching over the difficult situation of the Hungarian opposition and its representatives, so even the smallest step of any concerned party bears great significance, said István Ujhelyi.
“We vote on the entire Commission at the single push of a button. In order to tackle the European Union’s seven-year budget, and within it specific issues that are essential  from the Hungarian point of view and for the common European future, such as high political, Syrian, Turkish or other matters, the Commission simply must function,” the socialist politician explained.
In light of this, “if Olivér Várhelyi had wished join our committee, the Transport Committee, I would have voted for him, since he can do the job,” Ujhelyi said. He added that one should be aware that, in the case of a Fidesz-delegated or any other EU commissioner for that matter, there is a possibility of dismissal in case of bias. As he said, with Tibor Navracsics, for example, there was no need for such measures, because after a year he had acted in a European spirit. With Speaker László Kövér’s disapproval of such behaviour, Navracsics could hardly expect to get a ministerial post from Fidesz upon his return to Hungary.
“The current Commissioner-designate had to respond in writing to what he would do with a country whose government took over the media, making it impossible for the opposition to function properly, and which was burdened with serious state corruption. He replied that he would warn such a country that it could not become a member of the European Union. This is a very strong message to the government, even without allusions,” Ujhelyi emphasized.
The opposition MEP also spoke of a solidarity campaign he initiated among Members of the European Parliament with Hungarian opposition MPs whose rights have recently been curtailed. “They are very interested; they read and see what’s going on in Hungary. We are elected representatives, and everything that has just been proposed and is likely to be adopted has created such uproar among fellow right- and left-wing MEPs alike, that they are indicating to me by the dozens that they also want to stand up for the rights of fellow Hungarian MPs!”
As he said, in addition to the EP, Ujhelyi also tries to help the work of the Hungarian Parliament. “Since my election, I was for the first time at a meeting of a Hungarian parliamentary committee yesterday to help pass a proposal for a resolution on the situation in Northern Syria, so that Fidesz representatives could vote for it in Hungary, as they did in the European Union. We managed to corner the chairman of the committee on this issue as well,” Ujhelyi said, but in the end the proposal was not taken on the Parliamentary agenda. Also, as compared to debate in Europe, the meeting was conducted in such an arrogant tone and with such personal remarks, which was certainly detrimental to Hungarian politics. Pertaining to this issue too, he made it clear that “it was the responsibility of the opposition to ensure a change of power and government in 2022.”
He pointed out that, even in the most difficult situations, the work of a representative had to be continued consistently. “If the opposition had not been active at the sessions in the municipalities, could they have won this municipal election? I hardly think so. The opposition has to be present, it has to show that there are serious professional suggestions, and it has to be pointed out at every moment that it is not a normal democracy the way the Hungarian National Assembly currently operates. ”
Finally, Socialist MEP István Ujhelyi spoke of the role of MSZP, which he said was stable despite betrayals and members leaving. “We need to awaken Hungarian society so everyone can see that this cannot go on! (…) MSZP will formulate its strategy in the coming months; our base is the soul, the motive and the doer of the groundwork that can be built on.”

Budapest – 20.11.2019