BREXIT – Ujhelyi: seeking one-sided, populist solutions must end now!

brexit„Political gambling fuelled by nationalistic conceit has deceived many in the UK, diverting attention from the dire consequences that might follow. Seeking one-sided, populist solutions to our common European challenges must end now! Despite the predictable losses Britain is strong enough to remain a solid economy, while I am certain that the EU will find a way to respond in unity and with even greater cooperation between its members. In the absence of an imperial background and without an independently robust economy, Hungary has no alternatives: only a stronger EU can guarantee peace and prosperity. Our European project is at a crossroads as founding members of the union will likely propose an overhaul of the community. Hungary must stick with them to avoid the looming dangers of growing putinism. We have made the wrong decision far too many times during history, let’s learn the lessons of the past finally.”

dr. Istvan Ujhelyi, MEP Vice-President of the Hungarian Socialist Party

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