European Minimum Healthcare Service framework much needed

78599515_3036945442986288_713518256844963840_nMember of the European Parliament’s Environment and Public Health Committee MEP István Ujhelyi has evaluated the joint report published today by the European Commission and the OECD on the state of health in Hungary.
“The recent international certificate on the tragic situation of Hungarian healthcare is deeply concerning, although the facts contained therein are sadly not new. It is alarming that Hungary has one of the highest rates of preventable and, with appropriate care, avoidable deaths in the EU. The fact that the Hungarian government spends less on healthcare than most EU countries is also outrageous. The current state of healthcare, which poses a risk to national security, is not acceptable; it is the duty and responsibility of the government to finally make this area a priority. That is why there is a need for the European Minimum Healthcare Service Framework, which we have already begun to work on with professional organisations and which will provide a compulsory minimum level of care in all EU Member States, regardless of the ruling government’s approach.”

The detailed report can be found here:


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