Fidesz in Trouble: We Bring EU Stance on Turkey before Hungarian National Assembly!

orbdajcserdoEnough of the childish explanations and peacock dance of Fidesz: Hungarian voters deserve to know the true values of Fidesz. Last week, the ruling parties tried to fool everyone again and hide their own responsibility. This is what we are putting to an end now.
Viktor Orbán has been acting completely insane in the past weeks: first, he sealed a Kipchak blood oath with eastern dictators, then bowed to the ankle before the Turkish aggressor president and ensured him of his support of his actions in Syria. Moreover, at the beginning of the month, the Hungarian government first even tried to prevent the European Union from issuing a statement condemning the operations. Because of Fidesz’ unacceptable moves, leaders have spoken even at the highest level of the European right: thus far and no further! Presumably because of pressure from their own party group (we could call it political blackmail, too), Fidesz MEPs finally voted for the resolution condemning Turkish aggression at this week’s plenary session of the European Parliament.
What is stated here is most definitely in opposition to Orbán’s Turkish-friendly approach lacking principle and makes heavy statements on the matter. Leader of the Fidesz EP delegation Tamás Deutsch is now explaining their stark opposition to the Turkish-friendly policy of Orbán by saying that the European People’s Party has asked for a unified position on the matter and they finally voted for the document because of political discipline in the group. Their unprincipled ways are exemplified by the fact that just 24 hours after the EP decision adopted by Fidesz, Viktor Orbán already argued in favour of Turkish action on state radio and the state propaganda online news portal Origo mongers fear referring to masses of migrants that the Turkish Head of State will unleash over Europe because of the „hypocritical leaders in Brussels.”
Fidesz’ game is both hypocritical and dangerous: like professional con artists, they try to meet everyone’s demands and say or show what is seemingly expected of them in a given situation. However, this kind of unprincipled action first leads to minor slaps in the face and then to lasting damage. Especially in European and international politics, where the rebellious finesse can, of course, be effective, but purely business-based, unprincipled illiberalism causes serious injuries to an entire nation. Therefore, in order to put an end to this peacock dance, in the coming weeks, together with the parliamentary faction of MSZP, we will submit to the Hungarian Parliament the resolution of the Hungarian Parliament on the Turkish-Syrian conflict, supported by Fidesz. Let it be clear to Hungarian voters and European partners what Fidesz really stands for. If they are truly in favor of European and thus Hungarian values, they will vote in favour of its adoption by Parliament. If they will leave it out of the agenda or vote against it, they shall make it clear that Hungary does not matter to them, only Viktor Orbán and his shady family businesses.

dr. István Ujhelyi
Member of the European Parliament
27 October, 2019

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