Prime Minister, will you also discuss this with the German Chancellor?

Képernyőfotó 2022-10-09 - 19.37.56The Prime Minister of Fidesz will hold talks in Berlin tomorrow, during an official meeting with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, according to a government announcement, on European, bilateral, economic and international issues, with a focus on the reaction to Russian aggression and „recent developments in this context”. Orbán will, of course, arrive in Berlin in ‘flip-flops’ and do his usual show, while at home he will present himself as a gladiator fighting for Hungarian interests in the arena. The latter is not only ridiculous, but also an infinitely boring lie.
I am sure that the bold and forthright Viktor Orbán will begin the negotiations with the same words he is using to rile up people at home: ‘Guten Tag, Olaf, we will not freeze in winter, but at least you in Europe can give birth as men, „in line with whose government arranged what, right?”” But the bold and forthright Orbán will surely bring it up to Scholz when he compared the German government’s announcement that they were bailing out their own German companies with hundreds of billions of euros to a ‘bomb’, and since Orbán admits that poorer countries are not able to do this, the Hungarian Prime Minister says it is tantamount to ‘cannibalism’ in the EU.
I would be surprised if the bold and forthright Orbán did not also lecture the German Chancellor in Berlin on the same things he is using to rile up his voters back at home, namely that he was deceived when he voted for all the sanctions so far, as they did not bring Putin to his knees, unlike Hungarian families that live on minimum wages. I don’t believe that the brave and forthright Orbán will not charge at the German Chancellor and tell him to his face what he said at a joint press conference with the Serbian Prime Minister, to the effect that „we have always defended the Germans in the crisis, and they have always shot us in the back.” Now is the time for payback, Prime Minister, now is the time!
I am also sure that Orbán will continue to pound the Berlin table in a tough and rebellious manner until he breaks Chancellor Scholz so that he too demands with him the lifting of all sanctions: including the unfreezing of Putin’s assets, the restoration of the free movement of Russian oligarchs, the reopening of Russian fake propaganda and the lifting of trade sanctions necessary for Russian armaments. I bet that the bold and forthright Viktor Orbán will not let the German Chancellor fool him again and suck him right back into the European elite. A fight for freedom, and a victorious fight for freedom that can be proclaimed in advance, that’s what’s going to happen in Berlin, so help me God!
Of course, if the Fidesz prime minister does not want to take the political battle with the German chancellor too far, he could also just quote the proud owner of the number 5 membership card of the governing party, his true friend to Olaf Scholz. So that not only the Hungarian public can benefit from Zsolt Bayer’s thoughts, but also the person they are about. If Orbán is bold and forthright enough, he will surely also confront Chancellor Scholz with the pro-government narrative that the German leadership is driven by a ‘mission to spread insanity,’ that the government is full of ‘anarchist, communist and neo-Marxist assholes,’ that the German government ‘can f..k off,’ and what the German state stood for in 2018 regarding refugees is „a bigger crime than what their great-grandparents perpetrated back then; the very people they are now using as an excuse to do what they are doing.” It would certainly be a meaningful and substantive discussion, so Mr Orbán, may you indeed display that famous Hungarian virility, and by all means, mention these to the German Chancellor, too. Let the Germans finally see clearly, too. Go for it!
But if the Prime Minister of Fidesz would finally come to his senses, and his only political innovation would no longer be constant hostility, anti-EU freedom fighting, pettifogging and sneaky business talk, as opposed to a willingness to compromise and the intelligent but uncompromising representation of Hungarian interests, then we might indeed be one step ahead. All of us.

István Ujhelyi
Member of the European Parliament

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