Russian Oil-Embargo: jump in at the deep end only if we can swim!

sancThis may come as a surprise to many, but as a Hungarian MEP, I will only be able to support an restrictive measures on Russian oil or sanctions on energy imports under strict conditions. My position is that we should only jump in at the deep end once we can swim, or at least have a lifebelt around our waist.
In the coming days, the European Union is expected to present its new raft of sanctions against Russia that is waging a war of bloodshed as an aggressor, and this package will probably also include items relating to a kind of oil embargo as a further step. There is no question that, in order to achieve peace as soon as possible, we must be able to use all possible means to restrain Putin as a united front. There is also no question that it is unacceptable and untenable that we are indirectly financing the war crimes of the Russian aggressor by buying fossil fuels. However, restrictions on energy resources have not only political and moral but also substantive economic implications, which can only be radically implemented if the European Community can provide adequate guarantees for Member States that may be disadvantaged by the restrictions, such as Hungary. Therefore, I can only support extreme sanctions if we receive adequate compensation and support from the European Community, and if the Hungarian Government also takes immediate steps to ensure that we can process as much raw material as possible from alternative sources to Russian oil, thereby ensuring security of supply for both the public and the industry. We would, of course, be in a much better position if the Fidesz government had used its extraordinary mandate over the past twelve years to reduce our energy dependence on Russia and to promote the spread of renewable and sustainable alternative energy sources. I firmly maintain that sanctions on energy carriers must follow the principle of gradual implementation in the interests of vulnerable European Member States, and that there can be no common European solution without representing the interests of Hungarian society.
In recent days, I have written an official letter to the European Commission to urge them to take into account the specific circumstances of the Member States in connection with the embargo on oil imports and to seek a compromise in the sanctions package. This instrument is only effective if it is precisely targeted. If it misleads, it will only do greater damage.

István Ujhelyi MEP
Vice-Chair of the European Parliament's Committee on Transport and Tourism
Budapest/Brussels – 30.04.2022.

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