Tamás Jordán: „The Orban-regime does not understand how Karácsony has the courage to be calm!”

eree„They are starting to be afraid” – this is how the actor Tamás Jordán explained the government’s vehement attack on Gergely Karácsony, who is running for prime minister.

The Actor of the Nation spoke about this in the latest episode of the video series of Socialist MEP István Ujhelyi entitled HETI KETTES UJHELYIVEL (Weekly Two with Ujhelyi). Tamás Jordán makes no secret of his support for the current mayor in the race for prime minister, which is why his name is among the founders of the 99Movement announced by Karácsony.

In the video discussion on social media, the actor said, among other things, that he does not understand why some people think it is okay that billions of forints are disappearing in the country. „I am friends with Gergely Karácsony, I have always respected what he does. I think he’s the right person to put things in order (…) You don’t always have to fight with a snarl, you have to listen to the other party, as well. Karácsony is looking for compromise even where it’s impossible, and this suggests that he will find a common ground with the country.

His programme is also based on the need to unite this divided country,” Tamás Jordán said in the video. During his conversation with István Ujhelyi, the actor added that he believed the current authorities were attacking the MSZP-Dialogue candidate for prime minister because they don’t understand „what makes him so brave that he dares to be so calm?”

In the latest episode of WEEKLY TWO WITH UJHELYI, the mental health package of proposals advocated by István Ujhelyi is also discussed, which Jordán also called important and assured the MEP of his support. He said that there is a general sense of panic and desperation in the world of theatre because of the livelihood problems caused by covid restrictions.

„There are so many desperate, hopeless artists,” he added, agreeing that mental health support should be strengthened and expanded as soon as possible. The European programme of free train passes for 18-year-olds was also discussed in the video interview, and the actor unexpectedly also recited an Endre Ady-poem that is poignantly relevant to Hungary today.

Brussels/Budapest – 21.05.2021.

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