Ujhelyi sends national tricolour earrings to Katalin Novák for her inauguration

giftMEP István Ujhelyi sent earrings depicting the national tricolour of Hungary to Katalin Novák on the occasion of her inauguration today. Alluding to occasions in the past when Katalin Novák appeared at political events of the governing party wearing earrings with the inscription „Fidesz” and „OV22”;, the Social Democrat politician wanted to draw the attention of the new President to the fact that after taking office she is no longer the public dignitary of a certain political community, but of the entire Hungarian nation.
In a covering letter published on his social networking site, Ujhelyi wrote to President Katalin Novák that although her election was overshadowed by her previous party political activity and the fact that she had accepted the votes of government party members under criminal prosecution, „an opposition MEP, leaving behind the rejectionist political attitude”; he approached the new President’s inauguration „in a sufficiently open-minded manner”; Ujhelyi noted that he was confident that Katalin Novák would prove in her first days that she would not keep the interests of her former party in mind, but those of the entire Hungarian nation, and that as President of the Republic she would be „an active defender of the republic against political intentions that have been undermining the values of the republic and weakening the rule of law in the past decade”. According to the left-wing MEP, the symbolic gift sent for the inauguration will remind Katalin Novák of this.

Budapest – 14/05/2022

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