Ujhelyi: the deal in Brussels is the opportunity to Hungary for „eternal reduction of overheads”

pexels-led-supermarket-577514„The compromise negotiated in Brussels is a good one; moreover, it creates the opportunity for the ‘permanent reduction of overheads’ in Hungary, which we will demand from the government.” This is how István Ujhelyi assessed the decision on the Russian oil embargo in his video message published in the early hours this morning. The MSZP MEP recalled that he had previously advocated, and even initiated himself, that Hungary should not accept the original sanctions package, as it was contrary to Hungarian interests. However, Ujhelyi also called for an agreement as soon as possible, which, according to the Socialist politician, was only reached in the end because, unlike the Hungarian Prime Minister, the leaders of the other Member States were prepared to make real compromises.
„The task is a big one, because Hungary has now also been given a huge opportunity, the chance for a ‘permanent reduction of overheads’ and to break the current energy dependency is here. This should have been done even if there had been no war, but the current situation and the European Union are now forcing the Hungarian government to do it,” Ujhelyi said. The Social Democrat politician stressed that it is both an „opportunity and a responsibility” to create energy independence as part of the largest programme in the history of the European Union, mobilizing some €200 billion, by making a substantial switch to renewable and sustainable sources, and reduce energy consumption in buildings by 50-60 per cent through a comprehensive modernization programme for all households and public institutions, without any co-payments. „We will demand this from the government, which has the responsibility to implement the ‘permanent reduction of overheads’ programme we have advocated, and we will hold them accountable,” István Ujhelyi said on his social media page.

Budapest/Brussels – 31/05/2022

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