Ujhelyi: the EU could profit from the Tourism year of EU-China in 2018

_89997727_chinesetourist-149473192There is a huge potential for European countries to get more visitors from China. If Europe would like to keep its leading role in tourism, to maintain the position of world No.1 tourism destination, the advantages of the arrivals of Chinese tourists should be taken.

In this process, one of the most important milestone is the coming Tourism Year of EU-China in 2018, that was announced by Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the European Commission, during the last EU-China Summit in Beijing.

The tourism sector is still growing rapidly, while the global share of Chinese tourists is predicted to increase by nearly 100% in eight years, reaching a staggering 200 million annually. Chinese tourists spend the most while traveling abroad, which offers great and hugely profitable opportunities for European countries if they are ready to invest into infrastructure and services that attract Chinese visitors.

Statistics show Europe hosted almost 3.4 million Chinese visitors in 2014. Moreover, there are more and more investments both from Europe and China in tourism, turning it into a key driver of socio-economic progress through the creation of jobs, new businesses, economic growth and infrastructure development.

Recently a new international organisation was created with the leadership of István UJHELYI MEP, who has official visit in China. The primary aim of the OBOR Committee, who coordinates the EU-China cultural and tourism related developments; is to consolidate a network of top-level Chinese and European partners active in tourism and cultural aspects of diplomacy, business and politics,

“In the coming 15 years, one of the most exciting questions would be how Europe can live with the possibilities of the increasing number of Chinese visitors. Is the EU capable to recognise the importance of Tourism policy, as one of its main strategy in the coming years? We have to make programmes and real actions to realize this.” said István Ujhelyi, Vice-Chair of the Committee of Transport and Tourism in the European Parliament, during his meetings in Beijing.


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