Ujhelyi: What were Lukashenko and Orbán really discussing?

deal„Enough of this Russian roulette, we want to know what Fidesz’s shady game with the Belarusian regime is about,” said István Ujhelyi at his online press conference on Sunday.
The MSZP MEP called on the government to reveal the contents of the minutes and memos of the June talks between Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and President Alexander Lukashenko.
He added that if these documents could not be shared with the general public due to their content concerning national security, they should report the details to the National Security Committee of Parliament. Ujhelyi claimed, if Fidesz has nothing to hide regarding the matter, they should clarify exactly what the Hungarian and Belarusian leaders were discussing.
A European politician of MSZP recalled that more than 7,000 people, including seventy journalists, had been detained in recent days in connection with the protests following the falsified elections.  Ujhelyi pointed out that the institutions of the European Union clearly and unequivocally condemn state fraud and terror in Belarus, but according to information, among Member States only the Hungarian government is still reluctant to do so.
„Obviously Moscow dictates, but we should make it clear where we stand, whose interests we are serving,” said Ujhelyi at the press conference. According to the Socialist MEP, it is still unclear what deals had been made at the Orbán-Lukashenko meeting in June, as the specific agreements announced following the talks were effectively weightless.
“Obviously, during his visit in June, Orbán did not meet with opposition leaders, as there is only shamocracy in Belarus; but perhaps this is exactly what the Hungarian head of government went to examine more closely, ”said the European politician of MSZP, adding that the shady game of the Orbán government with the Belarusian regime brought shame on Hungary again, so it is a minimum expectation to see clearly in the matter.

Budapest – 16/08/2020

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