United Opposition for Hungary: Orbán must not go to Moscow, but if he does, he better not come back!

UntitledNever in the three decades since the fall of communism has our country’s sovereignty been under such attack as last week, when Russian President Vladimir Putin called on Hungary to leave NATO. Russia, which is currently contemplating invading Ukraine, is asking us to betray our allies, to renounce our sovereignty and to render our country militarily defenceless. After this absurd call, the Hungarian Prime Minister, always so vocal against our country’s allies, remained silent. No sovereignty-fearing freedom struggle or sword-fighting, just a plane ticket to Moscow. No wonder that by now the European Parliament and our allies are anxious about the meeting, and in this tense situation, it is simply treasonous to go to Moscow.
United for Hungary demands that Viktor Orbán reassure our country’s rightfully outraged allies, cancel his visit to Moscow and make it clear that „we will not be a colony”; Hungary belongs in the European Union and NATO! A prime minister who, in such a situation, remains silent and springs up to go to Moscow when he’s signalled to do so with a snap, only to stand on the edge of the carpet in the Kremlin, betrays the interests of both Hungary and Europe. United for Hungary demands that the Prime Minister cancel his visit to Moscow, and if he does not, he better not come back!

MEP Klára Dobrev (DK)
MEP Anna Donáth (Momentum)
MEP Márton Gyöngyösi (Jobbik)
MEP István Ujhelyi (MSZP)
MP Erzsébet Schmuck (LMP)
MP Szabó Tímea (Párbeszéd)

Budapest / 30.01.2022.

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