Why I Pressed a Big Fat NAY to the Brexit-Document

2016-10-05-1475670108-7560650-brexit1-thumbThe withdrawal of the United Kingdom is an extraordinary and regrettable moment in the life of the European community. That said, the sovereign decision of the majority of British voters must, of course, be respected, regardless of the lies that guided it and the way it all led to this result.
The period since the referendum has fully demonstrated the serious damage that leaving the European Union can cause and will continue to cause to all parties concerned. Although the deal reached with much sweat from the fierce political twists preceding it and the parliamentary document ratifying the deal both tried to prevent and mitigate this damage, they failed to provide a full guarantee. Neither for the Union, nor British anti-Brexit voters, nor EU citizens living in the UK, among them hundreds of thousands of our fellow Hungarian compatriots with much to worry about.
As one committed to the unity of the European idea and the community of the Union, I also have a duty to represent and let the voice of those be heard who, contrary to the majority decision but in similarly large numbers,  wanted and still want to remain part of the European community.
The right-wing conservative British government is strong in propaganda bur rather weak in credibility thus far. For the time being, all that seems certain is that they aim to pick their favourites among European relations of convenience and European citizens in the future. With my vote against the Brexit-document, I wanted to make a loud and clear signal of this.

Brussels – 29-01-2020

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